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job-tracker-bookSkip Tracker

  • No more diary / scraps of paper!
  • Book jobs quickly, and in a legible manner.
  • Reveal all information in one click (delivery times, contact numbers, prices, delivery instructions etc.).
  • Ability to control which jobs are allocated to certain vehicles – i.e. if the site has restricted access, or if the contents of the container is too heavy for standard vehicles.
Booking Jobs Icon

booking-jobsBooking Jobs

  • WMSS stores each customer's delivery addresses, including the corresponding site contact and any special delivery instructions.
  • Select job type, i.e. delivery, exchange or pickup as well as wait and load, materials out, and haulage and weight jobs.
  • Input weighbridge data for automatic price calculation.
  • View availability for particular containers or sizes, allowing instant confirmation of delivery dates or times.
  • Pricing is automatically retrieved from customer information records, allowing bespoke pricing for different customers.
Weighbridge Tipping Icon

tippingWeighbridge Tipping

  • Automatic retrieval of customer records: Once the customer has been selected it presents their vehicles, materials and associated costs. All you need to do is enter the weights from the weighbridge, or the container size, and the price is instantaneously calculated.
  • Ability to enter new vehicles and their dimensions, as well as any new materials or prices.
  • Instant Waste Transfer Notes created for you and your customer.
Materials Out Icon

materials-outMaterials Out

  • Keep track of outgoing wastes for your Environment Agency Quarterly Tonnage Returns.
  • Store all supplier information and the associated costs for each different material or container size.
  • Print Waste Transfer Notes showing exact weights, EWC codes, haulier and destination facility details.
  • Incorporate self-haulage materials out jobs into the driver's daily route, providing the most cost- and time-effective option.
  • Keep track of costs: WMSS provides a reference point to reconcile against corresponding invoices / credit notes.
Vehicle Itineraries Icon

plannerVehicle Itineraries

  • Illustrates all jobs booked for the selected time period. Pick which driver and vehicle you want to assign work to, and assemble their daily plan.
  • Daily work sheets:  print out a cover sheet for yourself and the driver showing the completion order of the booked jobs. This also shows if any payments are due that the drivers need to collect from site.
  • Divide certain jobs depending on access or weight restrictions, which can then only be allocated to the corresponding vehicles.
Bespoke Pricing Icon

bespoke-pricingBespoke Pricing

  • Set up different prices for different customers across the whole range of tipping, container hire and materials out.
  • Automatically alter the price according to account status, distance, material and size.
  • Option to select rebates for certain materials.
  • Instantly inform customers of any outstanding payments, or if they are over their account limit.
Data Recording Icon

data-recordingData Recording

  • No longer waste time repeatedly writing down the same information, all delivery instructions and site contact details are stored for future deliveries and can be edited when needed.
  • Reliably stores tipping records, and reprint any Waste Transfer Note. Especially useful for any invoicing queries.
  • Keep a record of all skips and waste received since WMSS installation. This provides a foolproof method of adhering to legislation about documenting past waste transfer.
  • Ensure no skips go unlicensed - If a container needs to be placed on the public highway, you can store all permit information and approval status. The system will then email a reminder to yourself and the customer with the licence details and renewal date.
System Settings Icon

system-settingsSystem Settings

  • Create a bespoke system tailored to your business by altering the system default settings.
  • Detailed pricing matrix for each customer; store prices on skip hire, tipping and haulage, as well as by size and distance.  
  • Set default prices for account and non-account customers. These can easily be changed by altering the defaults and updating the relevant customer details.
  • Skip records: enter your various container sizes to view current availability when booking jobs.
Reports Icon


  • Produce the most accurate waste reports possible by adopting our simple validation process.
  • If there is no weighbridge, WMSS has in-built average weights to determine the assumed weight of the waste.
  • Allows customers to produce their Site Waste Management Plans with ease and precision.
  • Customer portal where customers can log in and view their own reports over any given time or site-by-site basis.
  • Presents clients with a figure detailing exactly how much waste was recycled; with which they can demonstrate their environmental consciousness.
  • Additional reports include: Skip turnaround, skip hire duration and licence expiry reports, all of which combine to provide a more comprehensive service to your customers, as well as greatly reducing your staff's workload.

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